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Your body is your farm. What do you want to cultivate?

We are all farmers and are constantly cultivating our health, relationships, and reality. There are as many ways to farm as there are people. On one end of the spectrum, you have the massive mono-crop, GMO, industrial, farms that are mainly prioritizing short-term production. On the other end of the spectrum, you have farms that are focused on providing the conditions that support life. On these farms, the vision is long-term with huge emphasis and time is spent on developing fertility in the soil. There may be entire seasons in which parts of the field are dedicated to growing nitrogen-fixing cover crops.

On the huge production farms, the soil has not been built up and they end up having to add petroleum chemical fertilizers to enrich the soil. This weakens the plants and makes them susceptible to disease and infestation. These farmers end up spending most of their time and energy on fighting these diseases and infestations with further application of chemicals. They may produce a higher yield initially, but with each crop, the soil is essentially poisoned and depleted, and the food contains the chemicals and lacks the vitality that the food of our ancestors ate. On the other end of the spectrum the farmer who is putting his focus on what’s under the surface, the long-term source of vitality of a farm, the soil. He may have a lower yield in the beginning; he may only plant food on the quarter of his land that is the most fertile while planting nitrogen-fixing crops on the rest. He spends all his energy pursuing vitality, giving the plants the water, soil, and sunshine that they need. Every season his soil gets richer and his understanding of what his crops ideal natural conditions are improves. Every year he is producing more and more fresh vital food, even though he may have had to start slow. And furthermore every year he has less and less to do because he has built a system from the ground up that respects natural law.

We all come from farmers, and we are all currently farmers. We grow relationships, we grow children, and we grow ourselves. Natural law is natural law, whether it’s in your garden, relationships, or body, it is universal. When we live in accordance with natural law life will flourish. When we neglect natural law dis-ease will arise. When disease arises we can either recognize that it is because the ideal condition for life to thrive have not been provided, or we can try to intervene and fix the problem with man-made chemicals.

What are the natural laws in the human body? On the most basic level, every organ in our body needs oxygen, glucose (fuel), and nerve supply. When there is physiological dysfunction this is one of the first things that should be asked. Chiropractic focuses cultivating the vitality of the body from the inside, it works to remove interference to the mental impulse that travels from the brain to the body. This is the impulse that delivers the power that grew your body from two cells into trillions. So we all have a choice of how we want to cultivate our health and our reality, if you want to see dis-ease for what it is as an interference from the source of what nourishes human life and work to remove that interference, or you just treat the symptoms of pain and dysfunction by just adding more interference. What kind of farmer do you want to be?

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