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The Sound of Silence

Can you remember the quietest place that you have ever been? That time when you were all of a sudden struck by the lack of background noise. Maybe it was in a cave or canyon, or church. What did it sound like? Take a minute to go back to that situation and remember what it felt like and what it sounded like. No really, close your eyes and take a minute.

Maybe once you noticed how truly quiet it was you listened closer and realized that there was still a little something there. Can you go back and remember? Maybe a little hum, or buzz that wasn't quite identifiable yet definitely present. I want you to hold onto the sound or feeling that you felt there, and now imagine one of the busiest places you have ever been and ask yourself if that hum or buzz was present in any way in that busy place? Peel back the layers, consider the medium on which the chaos is written.

In my personal experience, it’s almost like a vibrational hum, which is easily overlooked in louder busier environments yet if I intentionally bring my awareness to it I can find it anywhere as long as my senses are acute. When I can tap into it time slows a bit, complexity is simplified a level, and I’m able to connect with something more core and eternal. Each moment is perceived more vividly. I believe a person is tapping into this when they enter a “flow state of consciousness”, as seen in athletes or anyone who is performing at their highest level of potential. Each moment is expanded, something that

in normal perception would be moving very fast and difficult to perceive, is slowed down and perceived with clarity.

I have never read anything that describes it this way but I associate this buzz, or medium which is the fabric, with the chiropractic philosophical term “universal intelligence”. It states in the major premise of its philosophy that “Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.” It is a slightly risky business defining something that is infinite, because definitions have a tendency to set limits to things, which you don’t really want to do when talking about the universe. It’s kind of like the Tao Te Ching states “it is the un-namable that is eternally real”, or “The Tao is like a great well, used, but never used up. It is like an eternal void filled with infinite possibilities.”

In Chiropractic, we recognize that this universal intelligence is flowing through us and giving us the energy and organization of life. When universal intelligence expresses itself through a living thing we call this Innate Intelligence. This is very different than many of our definitions of intelligence which may involve education and what in chiropractic we call the educated mind. The educated mind has to do with decision making, opinions, and acculturation. Our Innate Intelligence operates on a much more primal level of survival, and drives the self-organizing self-regulating qualities that perpetuate and define life. It is infinitely more intelligent than our educated mind in the sense of its ability to grow, govern, and heal our physiology at a complexity that cannot be replicated by the brightest minds of our time. All of the physiological processes of the body that are keeping you alive right now are coordinated by the subconscious communication of our Innate Intelligence. The most primary way Innate is communicated is through multiple systems of nerve pathways. Our brains communicate to our bodies to give every cell tissue and organ the information to grow, heal, and function, and our bodies send information back to the brain in a feedback loop which makes homeostasis possible. Without this communication, we would be dead in seconds.

Many chiropractors speak solely of the nervous system as being the communication system of the body, I personally see the whole body as made up of an intelligent matrix that is centered around what I consider to be the sacred midline in which the spine and central nervous system is located. When taking this perspective: torsion, disharmony, or lack of continuity in this matrix anywhere in the body creates a disturbance or some sort of change everywhere in the body. Just as you can’t have one member of a family get sick or injured without having some effect on the whole family.

This concept of universal and innate intelligence can be used when looking at many living organic systems such as plants, animals, or even groups of organisms, like families, or communities. The ideal conditions which support health and vitality for any organism are those which allow that system to express their inherent intelligence to the fullest….

The Innate Intelligence, and nerve system of any organism is oriented toward survival, and self-perpetuation. It has been discovered that even many of the so thought auto immune diseases are actually driven by previously undetectable micro-viruses. Apoptosis which is programed cell death, where a cell destroys itself, is often for the greater good of the organism as a whole. When looking at groups of organisms a slightly different perspective must be taken. Within a contained organism there is a contained inherent or innate intelligence which functions totally separate from the educated mind to self-perpetuate its own life and existence.

The ultimate purpose of the educated mind, the observing mind, may be to recognize and know that it is only a branch of this innate intelligence and is a manifestation of the universal intelligence which is flowing through all space, mater, and is the basis of an invisible web connecting all living things…

When there is an interrupt in the flow of intelligence either from Universal to Innate, or in the communication of Innate within the body than we are not expressing life at our fullest potential. Within our bodies when there is distortion, or disconnects in the information pathways not only are we not expressing life at our fullest potential, but we fall into a dis-ease prone state of being in which we cannot adapt to the stresses of our environment and dysfunction arises.


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