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What if you treated your friends like you treat your body?

What if you only chose to nurture your relationships once they started causing you pain or discomfort? It’s all too common for a partner to only bring flowers home after an argument or to make up for lost ground. Imagine if this behavior was not just done to try to obtain something, or obligation (forgiveness, or Valentine’s day) but to just show pure appreciation and love. Your forgiveness bank account would be so stacked that when you did make a mistake all it would take would be a little eye contact, a smile, and an apology and you would be forgiven. You may even be forgiven before you say you’re sorry and avoid any hard feelings or resentment.

Another example of this behavior is the friend who drops off the map and you don’t hear anything from them until they want a favor. You want to help them out but you end up feeling a little resentment with the question in the back of your head of whether you are being used?

All living things prefer consistent nurturing to emergency care. Do you try to provide the ideal conditions for your house plants with the right amount of sun, soil type and consistency of watering, or wait till the leaves turn yellow to give them water? Now imagine if you took this same approach in regards to your own body, which many of us do. After all, it’s the longest relationship you will have with anybody. It’s just as common that people neglect their bodies until their discomfort and pain stop them from performing the tasks demanded upon them. They continually deplete the integrity of their bodies with stress and microtrauma without recuperation or correction until the weakest link in the chain finally snaps. Then there is a panicking frenzy to try every therapy under the sun in order to recover what is lost and sometimes not be regained. Some injuries are unavoidable, and it is part of the human experience. We will all have to endure illness and the loss of our faculties at some point. This is often an opportunity for us to connect with that within us which is far less temporary than our physical form. That being said, there are so many injuries that result from putting higher demands on our bodies than they can take at the time. It’s as if we are making withdrawals on our health bank account without checking the balance or making deposits until we overdraft or injure ourselves.

How can you make deposits into your health bank account, and live a healthier life? Ask yourself, and listen! Usually, you already know. If you still are not clear, you can look at the 4 basic categories and ask yourself: how are you moving, eating, thinking, and recuperating. Improve your performance in these 4 categories and you will improve your health. I have another blog in which I go deeper into each of these categories.

You could also look at where you are spending your resources. Ask yourself how do you want to prioritize your short time here on earth? What are your goals? Do you need your health to accomplish your goals? If you lose your health will that take you away from your goals? The answer is always yes. So why don’t we invest more in our health? It’s because we take our health for granted until it’s gone. It’s so easy to get distracted by all the other wants and desires, with the busy monkey mind of technology, the never-ending to-do lists, or vanity. It’s so often that we don’t see our bodies as something requiring care and maintenance or investment, and they end up getting treated like a tool just used to get our needs met. When in fact, our entire lives everything we experience is through the filter of our nervous system. Depending on your belief system around soul or spirit science would also say that the observing mind is also connected and functioning within the nervous system. We often think that to improve our experience of life we need to elevate the level of stimulus to our nervous system with more, and more of whatever we think we “want”. What if we invest to elevate the functioning of the receiver that we experience everything through.

Maintaining structural alignment and integrity allows our nervous system to function at its optimal level and is one of the best investments you can make in your health.

Getting checked regularly by a chiropractor helps us prevent injuries and degradation of our bodies. Getting wellness care is like making deposits in your health bank account and is exponentially cheaper than waiting until you need corrective care. Just like it’s cheaper to go to your dentist for checkups and cleanings than to wait till your teeth hurt and you need a filling or root canal. Chiropractic care is extremely effective for certain acute injuries, but I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t rather prevent an injury than try to heal from one.

The moral of this blog is, investing in your friends and your health it will pay off. Chiropractors are specifically trained to find places where your body that not moving properly, and/or are out of alignment which always affects the nervous system. We call this a subluxation, and we address and correct these with gentle and effective chiropractic adjustments.

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